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Our Sales consultant will discuss with you the best way to successfully implement a chatbased museum guide.

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Define service level of your chatbased museum guide: length of service, number of exhibits, number of languages etc.

Provide Content

Upload the content in our platform or send it to us.

Deploy Solution

We will set your chatbased museum guide online and integrate it into your Wifi-System, Facebook-Page or as Whatsapp Contact.

Why a chatbased museum guide?


Your museum guide is online in less than 5 days


Minimum internal resources required


No hardware required. No App-development cost


Let your visitors ask open question, leave comments and take part in votings

Seamless integration into your museum WiFi and social media activities

As part of your

Museum Wifi

As a messenger service for your

Facebook Community

As a

WhatsApp Contact

You want to increase participation?

Use our engagement tools:

Messaging Dashboard

see and edit all incoming chats and questions that can be answered manually


ask  your vistitor for his/her opinion on a topics exhibition, how they like your companies etc.

Show the overall result in the chat or on a screen as part of the exhibition

Newsletter Subscription

Offer a registration for a newsletter to  inform regularly via chat.


Engage your user to make a selfie, upload it via chat and spread it through social media

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Pricing Self-Service

  • online platform for service configuration
  • you upload content to our content management system
  • configure chatbot dialogues online
  • one language



per Month
  •  up to 5 exhibits
  • Webchat Channel
  •  Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Your Own WhatsApp Number
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per Month
  •  Unlimited Exhibits
  •  Webchat Channel
  • Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Your Own WhatsApp Number
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per Month
  •  Unlimited Exhibits
  •  Webchat Channel
  • Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Your Own WhatsApp Number
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Do you want us to take care of your chatguide? Here is one example package offer:

  • we upload content to our content management system
  • mix of up to 15 exhibits
  • up to 6 months
  • one of three channels: Webchat, Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp
  • one language included

6 hours of consulting, setup  included

€ 3.500 plus VAT

Get to know more


What is a chatbased museum guide?

Our guides base on the the most natural form of communication: the dialogue. Visitors no longer need to download apps or rent audio guides. They simply send “start” with a messenger service of their choice such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or a mobile webchat to engage with the museum.

Why chatbased museum guides?

Currently, audio guides and museum apps offer only a one-way communication to visitors. There is no real interaction between visitors and museums.

Our chatguide can provide a better visitor experience by processing open questions or follow-up questions visitors have. All they need to do is to send a question using the messager service of their choice to receive information tailored to the specific needs of each individual visitor. No new app driven user interface, no one-size-fits-all-answers but dialogues that create engagement and curiosity.

Why not an app?

Museum apps offer many technical functions but statistics prove that they are only downloaded by 3% of the visitors: either because it takes to much storage capacity on your smartphone or they  have forgotten their password for the app store. Also, visitors have to learn how to use new user interfaces to search the information they want.

How flexible are chatbased museums guides?

Our service can be rented based on a monthly service fee. Dialogues can be changed or enriched any time, based on the feedback and questions they get from the visitors. As there is no need to make large upfront investments like for app development or audio equipment, museums can start small to test the impact our chatguides have to their visitors.

How much internal capacity is needed to make it happen?

We offer two service level: Either you can upload your content yourself into our system and build the museum guide by yourself. This will take you from some minutes to some hours – dependant on the amount of content. Or you choose the more time-saving package: in this case, you send your content to us and we do the rest. Just contact us so that we can figure out what is best for you.

What is unique about your solution?

We have built a system that integrates a standard AI-engine, accessible by multiple messenger services such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and webbased chat. The standard AI-engine allows us to provide state-of-the-art chat communication dialogues and combine them with proprietary services that our clients ask for such as a voting function or voucher services.

Also, we can integrate external data sources through APIs, webhooks or REST-services. Although the solution we created can be applied for a number of use cases, we have started to tailor our solutions to the specific needs of museums and cultural institutions worldwide

hellomuseum is a service provided by helloguide

Our objective is to make museum visits smarter. We want to engage visitors by offering access to information in an intuitive way without the need to rent an audioguide or download an app.

Visitors can decide the level of details they want for an individual exhibit just by texting messages.

Our service is available globally in almost all languages and with the possibility to expand our service to customized solutions for individual needs.